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N1053X accident description

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Crash location 39.011667°N, 95.216667°W
Nearest city Lawrence, KS
38.971669°N, 95.235250°W
2.9 miles away
Tail number N1053X
Accident date 10 Dec 2005
Aircraft type Cessna 172S
Additional details: None

NTSB Factual Report

According to the Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident Report submitted by the student pilot, he had "set up the [air]plane" for the third takeoff. During the ground roll, the airplane drifted to the left and departed runway 33. The student reported that he was unable to maneuver the airplane back onto the runway so he elected to continue taxiing through the grass and snow. The student stated that he did not notice a drainage area in the infield because it was covered in snow. While taxing through this area, the propeller struck the ground and the empennage struck the rear of the drainage area. The rudder was creased and the lower firewall wrinkled. An examination of the airplane's systems, conducted by the FAA, revealed no anomalies.

NTSB Probable Cause

the student pilot's improper decision to continue taxiing through the field. Contributing factor's include student pilot's failure to maintain control during the takeoff roll and the drainage ditch masked by snow.

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