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N149 accident description

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Crash location Unknown
Nearest city Hammond, LA
30.504358°N, 90.461200°W

Tail number N149
Accident date 25 Jun 2001
Aircraft type Mottier RV-6
Additional details: None

NTSB description

On June 25, 2001, at 1053 central daylight time, a Mottier RV-6 homebuilt airplane, N149, was destroyed after impacting trees and the ground in an uncontrolled descent following a loss of engine power during the initial takeoff climb from a pasture near Hammond, Louisiana. The private pilot, sole occupant of the airplane, was fatally injured. The airplane was built and owned by the pilot. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a flight plan was not filed for the 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight.

The airplane had originally departed from the Hammond Municipal Airport at 1000. According to airport personnel, shortly after takeoff, due to a loss of engine power, the pilot executed a forced landing to a pasture, located approximately 1/4 mile north of runway 36. He then walked back to the airport manager's office and inquired who the owner of the field was in order to obtain a key for the pasture gate. In addition, the pilot stated that he "thought he had a fuel problem." Approximately 1045, a witness reported seeing the pilot pushing the airplane to the south end of the pasture. The pilot proceeded to start the engine, and the airplane took off from the pasture. Shortly after takeoff, the airplane turned to the left and the engine lost power again. The airplane "wobbled", rolled inverted, and impacted trees and the ground.

An FAA inspector, who responded to the accident site, reported that the entire cockpit and cabin area was consumed by fire. The engine, engine accessories, and the wooden propeller were consumed by fire. The outboard sections of both wings and the vertical and horizontal stabilizers were not damaged by fire, however, they sustained impact damage.

The single-engine, side-by-side, two place, low-wing Mottier RV-6 airplane was an experimental, homebuilt airplane (serial number CHMJR-2) with tailwheel landing gear. The airplane was equipped with a Lycoming engine that was installed by the builder. The airframe and engine logbooks were not located.

The pilot was issued a private pilot certificate with an airplane single-engine land rating on May 14, 1954, and a third class medical certificate on January 16, 2001, with the limitation, "must wear corrective lenses". According to FAA airmen records, updated on January 19, 2001, the pilot had accumulated 2,760 total flight hours. On August 8, 2000, a repairman experimental aircraft builders certificate was issued to the pilot with limitation, "inspection certificate for experimental aircraft make Mottier Model RV-6, serial number CHMJR-2, certification date: 09 August 2000".

The autopsy was performed by the Jefferson Parish Forensic Center in Harvey, Louisiana, on June 26, 2001. There was no evidence of any preexisting disease that may have contributed to the accident. The FAA Civil Aeromedical Institute (CAMI) Forensic Toxicology and Accident Research Center at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma performed toxicological tests which were negative for alcohol, cyanide, and drugs.

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