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N9610W accident description

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Crash location 41.668056°N, 70.274723°W
Nearest city Hyannis, MA
41.652889°N, 70.282799°W
1.1 miles away
Tail number N9610W
Accident date 14 Nov 2007
Aircraft type Piper PA-28-140
Additional details: None

NTSB Factual Report

The student pilot stated that he departed the Barnstable Municipal Airport-Boardman/ Ploando field (HYA), Hyannis, Massachusetts on an instructional flight with his certified flight instructor (CFI). After flying for about 40 minutes, he radioed the HYA control tower with ATIS information foxtrot. He stated at that time he believed that he switched the fuel tank selector from the left tank to off to right tank position. Then he pulled the power back and continued his descent. At about 400 feet he attempted to add power with no response from the engine. He informed the CFI that there was no power, they were losing altitude, and that they would not make it to the HYA airfield. According to him, the instructor then took control of the airplane and turned to avoid trees and power lines. The CFI landed the airplane in a field adjacent to the airfield, and collided with a pole. The student pilot continued by saying that after reviewing what happened, he realized that the fuel selector goes from "left to right to off, not the way he thought." He went on to say, that "he was not fully knowledgeable of the equipment on the plane." According to the CFI, they were cleared for the "touch and go." He reported that at 400 feet the student pilot informed him that there was no power from the engine. He immediately took control of the airplane, and made an emergency landing.

NTSB Probable Cause

The student pilot's mismanagement of the fuel supply and the flight instructor's inadequate supervision.

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