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N3622S accident description

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Crash location 43.722500°N, 85.504167°W
Nearest city Big Rapids, MI
43.680301°N, 85.503656°W
2.9 miles away
Tail number N3622S
Accident date 14 Mar 2007
Aircraft type Cessna 172E
Additional details: None

NTSB Factual Report

The airplane struck snowbanks on the left side of the runway (2,700 feet by 75 feet), after liftoff and then nosed over. The student pilot reported that on a previous flight with his instructor, they had practiced soft field takeoffs. The student reported that on this solo flight he decided to perform a soft field takeoff. He stated that during the takeoff, the nose of the airplane came up as expected. He stated that because of the limited view over the nose of the airplane, he did not realize that the airplane was drifting toward the left. He stated that once the airplane became airborne, he could see that it was heading toward the snow banks adjacent to the runway. He attempted to avoid the snow banks, but the left main landing gear hit the top of a snow bank, then the right main landing gear struck a snow bank and the airplane settled toward the ground. The airplane subsequently hit another snow bank and nosed over. The pilot stated that there were no mechanical problems with the airplane.

NTSB Probable Cause

The student pilot's failure to maintain directional control of the airplane during takeoff which led to the impact with the snow banks adjacent to the runway. The snow banks were contributing factors in the accident.

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