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N50970 accident description

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Crash location 46.143889°N, 93.004722°W
Reported location is a long distance from the NTSB's reported nearest city. This often means that the location has a typo, or is incorrect.
Nearest city Sandstone, MN
46.115227°N, 92.787143°W
10.6 miles away
Tail number N50970
Accident date 09 Apr 2006
Aircraft type Cessna 150
Additional details: None

NTSB Factual Report

The single-engine airplane sustained substantial damage during a forced landing after a loss of engine power. The pilot reported that after about one hour of flight during a night cross-country flight, the engine began to run rough. The pilot reported that he pulled the carburetor heat on, and the engine ran normally for about 1-5 minutes. He reported that the engine quit without any warning indications. He executed a forced landing to a field, but the airplane "ground looped" during the rollout. The inspection of the airplane revealed that the fuel tanks had minimal fuel in the tanks. No fuel leaks were observed and no fuel was visible on the ground. The Hobbs meter indicated that the airplane was flown 4.9 hours since the last time the airplane was filled with fuel. The airplane held 26 gallons of fuel with 22.5 gallons useable.

NTSB Probable Cause

The total loss of engine power due to fuel exhaustion as a result of the pilot's inadequate preflight. A contributing factor was the unsuitable terrain encountered during the forced landing.

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