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N404CT accident description

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Crash location 40.186944°N, 74.124723°W
Nearest city Farmingdale, NJ
40.196502°N, 74.168476°W
2.4 miles away
Tail number N404CT
Accident date 12 Mar 2007
Aircraft type Bellanca 17-30A
Additional details: None

NTSB Factual Report

According to pilot/witness statements, the Bellanca 17-30A was at 5,000 feet, in night visual meteorological conditions, when the engine lost power. The certificated commercial pilot/owner was at the controls, but asked the certificated airline transport pilot (ATP) to take the controls while the pilot/owner attempted an unsuccessful engine restart. The ATP executed a forced landing to uneven terrain, and the airplane incurred substantial damage. Postaccident examination of the airplane revealed an absence of fuel, even though 40 gallons were ordered, and paid for by the pilot/owner at the last refueling stop, about 45 nautical miles away. At the refueling stop, the pilot/owner asked a passenger to show the refueler the location of the fuel caps. The refueler only had experience pumping jet fuel to single point aircraft. Per the refueler's request, the passenger advised him when 40 gallons was pumped. The refueling took place in a dark area, and the light for the fuel truck meter was inoperative. The passenger misread the meter, and instead of receiving 40 gallons of fuel, the airplane received 4 gallons. The mistake was noted by another FBO employee after the airplane had departed, but he was unable to contact the pilot/owner. The airplane's fuel gauges were inoperative, and indicated half full, even when empty. Neither pilot visually confirmed the amount of fuel onboard prior to takeoff.

NTSB Probable Cause

The pilot's failure to verify the amount of fuel onboard before takeoff. Factors in the accident were the airplane being under fueled, the refueler's experience, the airplane's inoperative fuel gauges, unsuitable terrain for landing, and night lighting conditions.

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