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N846BH accident description

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Crash location 39.667223°N, 119.876111°W
Reported location is a long distance from the NTSB's reported nearest city. This often means that the location has a typo, or is incorrect.
Nearest city Reno, NV
39.529633°N, 119.813803°W
10.1 miles away
Tail number N846BH
Accident date 05 Feb 2009
Aircraft type Seher Bearhawk
Additional details: None

NTSB Factual Report

The pilot was taking off with a right crosswind. As the tail wheel lifted off the runway, the airplane started veering to the left. He added right rudder and aileron in an attempt to correct back to the runway heading. As he was advancing the power through the mid-range, the airplane continued veering to the left. He added full power, and tried to lift off before departing the runway surface. As the airplane exited the runway, the pilot reduced the power to idle. The airplane was slowing to a stop when it encountered a small dip in the terrain and nosed over, resulting in substantial damage to the wings and rudder. The pilot reported no mechanical anomalies with the airframe, flight controls, or engine. The pilot noted that shortly after the accident the winds picked up to 20 knots, and opined that he possible encountered a strong gust.

NTSB Probable Cause

The pilot's inadequate compensation for the crosswind condition and failure to maintain directional control during takeoff. Contributing to the accident were a crosswind and the pilot's delayed decision to abort the takeoff.

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