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N30456 accident description

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Crash location 45.361389°N, 123.353056°W
Nearest city Yamhill, OR
45.341504°N, 123.187329°W
8.2 miles away
Tail number N30456
Accident date 31 Jul 2011
Aircraft type Mcdonald Lynn B Avid Flyer Mark Iv
Additional details: None

NTSB Factual Report

The pilot reported that his approach to, and landing on, the private airstrip in his homebuilt, experimental, conventional gear airplane were normal. During rollout in the calm wind condition, the airplane began an uncommanded right turn. The pilot stated that he attempted to correct his loss of directional control by application of rudder and engine power. However, the tail wheel had unlocked and was evidently in a castoring mode. Despite his efforts to straighten the airplane’s path, the airplane veered off the runway. It rolled over brush and went into a ditch. During the impact sequence one propeller blade broke, and the left wingtip and a wing rib were broken. The pilot reported that he built and maintained the experimental airplane. He opined that the accident could have been prevented had the angle of the tail wheel assembly been correct. After years of use, the tail wheel spring-to-empennage attachment assembly flattened. The incorrect angle altered the tail wheel’s pivot point. This event, combined with the vibration induced during rollout on the gravel runway, allowed the tail wheel to unlock.

NTSB Probable Cause

The pilot’s loss of directional control during landing rollout due to an unlocked tail wheel that was caused by a degradation of the tailwheel assembly mounting angle.

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