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N222UF accident description

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Crash location Unknown
Nearest city Katy, TX
29.785785°N, 95.824396°W

Tail number N222UF
Accident date 06 Mar 1993
Aircraft type Cessna 172N
Additional details: None

NTSB description


On March 6, 1993, at approximately 1041 central standard time, a Cessna 172N, N222UF, was destroyed upon impact with terrain following a controlled descent near Katy, Texas. The solo student pilot was fatally injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed throughout the area for the local instructional flight.

According to the operator, the 38 hour student pilot was cleared to the local practice area for a solo flight to review his upper airwork. The student departed the David Wayne Hooks Airport at approximately 0954 CST and proceeded to the practice area.

The pilot of another airplane witnessed the airplane in cruise flight at approximately 3,000 feet, when he observed the airplane nose over to a vertical attitude and descend at a very high rate until impact with the ground. The airplane was located in an open marsh in a vertical attitude, with the engine buried 60 inches below the soft ground.


The pilot was a native of the Republic of Singapore in the United States on a 6 months working permit. According to his flight instructor (statement enclosed), he was a highly motivated and detail oriented student, with above average flight aptitude. A copy of the pilot's log book as well as his training records is enclosed in this report.


The airplane had been refueled with 100LL fuel after the last flight on the previous day. During the post accident examination of the wreckage at the accident site, no anomalies were found with either the airplane or its system. A review of the aircraft maintenance records failed to disclose any discrepancies.


Examination of the terrain and physical evidence at the wreckage site revealed that the airplane impacted the ground on a measured heading of 110 degrees. All aircraft components and wreckage was located within 100 foot radius from the main wreckage. All aircraft components and flight controls were accounted for and continuity was established to all flight controls up to the cabin. Compression damage to both wings and cabin doors was symmetrical, with the last 10 inches of each wing tip faring remaining undamaged. A damaged airspeed indicator face was located in the wreckage with needle transfers between the 155 to 160 knots range. The wing flaps were found in the up position with the elevator trim in the 10 degree up position (nose down trim).

The engine assembly sustained impact damage. The crankcase was found separated from the engine. An examination of the engine and all associated components was undertaken to establish functionality and serviceability. No anomalies were found with the engine assembly. The propeller assembly was found sheared at the propeller flange. Both blades exhibited S bending and twisting.


An autopsy and toxicology tests were ordered and performed on the pilot. The autopsy was performed by Aurelio A. Espinosa, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner for Harris County, in Houston, Texas. Toxicological findings were negative.


The wreckage was released to the owner's representative on March 8, 1993, upon completion of the field investigation.

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