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N91633 accident description

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Crash location Unknown
Nearest city Hebbronville, TX
27.306706°N, 98.678352°W

Tail number N91633
Accident date 30 May 1993
Aircraft type Cessna 182M
Additional details: None

NTSB description


On May 30, 1993, at approximately 0015 central daylight time, a Cessna 182M, N91633, was destroyed during a descending turn when it impacted terrain near Hebbronville, Texas. The non-instrument rated private pilot sustained fatal injuries. Instrument meteorological conditions developed through the area during the personal cross country flight.

During interviews, conducted by a Federal Aviation Administration inspector and the investigator in charge, with witnesses the following information was revealed. The pilot had departed Hebbronville, Texas, at about 0005, at which time the weather was visual meteorological conditions. Along the flight planned route clouds were observed moving over the area from the east southeast. An overcast ceiling of 500 feet developed and the night was described as dark. Three witnesses observed the airplane traveling north and descending. They further observed the airplane flying at an estimated altitude of 200 feet above the ground and making a left turn approximately one minute prior to the ground impact.


The airplane impacted bushes six feet tall prior to ground impact. Parts and components were scattered on a heading of 020 degrees for approximately 465 feet. Broken limbs, pieces of the left wing, and pieces of the red navigation lens were located at the initial impact point. Numerous pieces of windshield and wing pieces were found 104 feet along the path. One propeller blade was located about 141 feet north of the initial impact point. Physical evidence of fuel and fire extended 124 feet from the main wreckage. Portions of the right wing, airplane seats, and wing flaps were distributed 60 feet beyond the fuselage. The engine came to rest 251 feet beyond the main wreckage.

All control surfaces were accounted for at the site and flight control continuity was established. The flap actuator was not extended. Both wing struts were separated from the fuselage. One piece of the inboard portion of the left strut remained attached to the wing. All portions of the right strut remained attached to the wing.

The engine mixture control was full forward with the fuel selector valve in the both position and the engine primer locked.


The autopsy was performed by the Nueces County Medical Examiner's Office, Corpus Christi, Texas.


Continuity was confirmed to all of the engine cylinders, the oil pump and magneto drives. The drive shaft of the vacuum pump was intact and free to rotate. No damage was noted to the interior of the muffler. All terminals of the right magneto sparked during examination. The needle valve and seat in the carburetor were free to rotate. One propeller blade was bent 180 degrees toward the non-cambered side and twisted toward the direction of rotation. The second propeller blade was twisted toward the direction of rotation and exhibited leading edge gouges. There were no engine anomalies found.


The airplane was released to the Duval County Sheriff Department.

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