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Minor refresh (10/5/2011)

I have been busy with other things for almost a year now, and have neglected updates. I apologize to the people that have emailed me- updating the data has taken much longer than I anticipated.

Today I updated the appearance of several pages, with a goal of getting you to the information that you are looking for faster. Many pages have had more links added, and I have enlarged the map on the main page. Tables on list pages now allow for sorting and searching; I hope this makes the site much more usable. Loading time may be significantly reduced on many pages, but I'm still working on that.

Another project: (11/6/2010)

For a while, I have been looking at putting information from other Goverment databases on a map. I found the USGS (US Geological Survey) MRDS (Mineral Resource Data System) database online. It has information not just mines, but processing facilities, historical mines and prospects, and other things from all around the world. The database has information on over 300,000 sites around the world. I've put it on a map, similar to PlaneCrashMap here, and have used what I've learned on this site to make it more easy to use and quicker, despite the larger data source used.

I'm hoping to update with some of the features of the new site, including a map that loads data when you scroll, instead of having to navigate to a different states' map. I don't have an ETA for these changes, but would expect them at the beginning of next year.

All states, and some minor backend updates (9/7/2010)

I finally updated some code to include all states data. This has been held up by some work both in the PHP backend, and waiting on an updated database backend. All states should be included now.

A few states (FL, TX, CA) have a disproportionately large number of accidents included. This leads to a lot of markers on the map, which may make your browser a bit slow. I have found all of these pages to be at least usable on my PC in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer, however, really has trouble with them. This was expected, as IE has pretty poor Javascript performance (relative to Firefox and Chrome). I've added (resurrected, actually) a warning to the top of the site recommending some other browsers.

My time has been spent more lately on some other projects, including another mapping site, covering a different subject. However, I have been able to port over some newer code from the other site in a way that makes the back end of this site more effienct, and and should enable some new features in the future. As traffic to this site goes up, I plan to give more attention to it. I have found a couple additional sources of data that I will be adding around the Christmas timeframe.

As usual, feel free to send me feedback on the site, or to suggest some new ideas. My contact information can be found on the About page.

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